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TechPod Social is a new social media management service from Appleosophy Media. Our aim is to provide a cost efficient, but high quality service to all individuals and businesses that decide to work with us.

Through our dedication to Appleosophy’s growth, we are highly experienced with social media and the inner-workings of online media management and want to offer that to other people and businesses.

Well, depending on what plan you choose; as well as your personal consultation; we have the appropriate software to produce promotional and informative content in either photo or video format. 


We can also post existing content pre-made by yourself or existing employees.


All of our work is subject to feedback from you before posting as we want to make sure you approve of our creations, after passing through internal quality assurance measures.

Yes! We are able to make professional websites from scratch for your business, however this is not included with our subscription-based plans. We cover basic edits within our Business Plan, but for site redesigns and construction, we offer free consultations to find our what best suits you!

Reputation Management is managing your person to person interactions such as DMs, comments, tags, mentions and emails. With this we are able to keep your community engaged and also handle requests or queries about yourself or business on your behalf.

Still Have Questions?

The art of managing your presence on the web can be tough. That’s why we made TechPod Social. 

Have your social media professionally managed by our trained gurus who will help grow and manage your presence online.