Individual Plan

For only $15/mo

Independent Creators

The best content on the internet comes from small creators. We want to support smaller creators to keep pushing their best content, stress free and high quality.

Our service consists of management, analysis and regulation of your social media accounts to help you grow organically.

Our Exclusive Services

Below are the different services you will receive with our $10/mo Individual Plan.

Content Management

Have your content posted across multiple platforms, allowing you to have convergence from all angles!

Content Strategy

Identify modern trends or become a trendsetter with our special tactics for going viral.

Scheduled Posting

Put your posts on any desired platform at peak times, meaning you get the highest engagement.

Content Optimization

Use hashtags and relevant references in your content to help retain followers across platforms.

Reputation Management

Keeping in touch with your community and followers helps keep loyal fans looking at your content.

Social Media Breakdown

Learn more about your followers and how they can work for you.

Brand Scouting

Get scouted by brands through us to do collaborations, reviews and more!

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The art of managing your presence on the web can be tough. That’s why we made TechPod Social. 

Have your social media professionally managed by our trained gurus who will help grow and manage your presence online.