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Please note that these terms are correct as of 2nd July, 2020. This means you have the most up to date version of our terms and conditions to TechPod Social's services.

By working with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of TechPod Social’s terms;


We try to encompass all brands, however we do not collaborate with brands that have an adult or overly mature nature. TechPod Social aims to work with as many people as possible however sometimes. this isn’t always possible.


In the unlikely event that a client should want a refund, TechPod Social is only obligated to give a refund if no work is done after the payment is done. This does not include any concept work oe consultation designs as these are provided complimentary.

Work that may be considered paid work are things such as: Templates, Posts, Videos or Profile redesigns/rebranding as we operate on a contract basis.

Refunds can be issued through the original method of payment or by contacting us through our form.

Contract Validity:

Our contracts are subject to change by month, however if this is true, we will be sure to update you at least 14 days before any changed are amended.

All of our work is on an open contract of a 30 day term, which you are open to leave or upgrade/downgrade at any point. These can be done through our contact page.

Out of contract work:

Work done out of contract follows the same terms of the ‘Refunds’ heading of this document, however the work is not on a subscription basis.

Access to accounts:

Accessing accounts is akey part to managing your media, with this, we have a dedicated keymaster which is the only one in TechPod Social that will access your accounts. This is only for the UK and comes under GDPR regulation with there being no storage of passwords and everything being ran by the client before uploading to their page. 

For clients not under GDPR, we still take similar precautions, however logins may be shared to allow for multiple attendants to be available at once or allow for multiple designs to be contributed.

You can read more about how we handle data in our privacy policy.

The art of managing your presence on the web can be tough. That’s why we made TechPod Social. 

Have your social media professionally managed by our trained gurus who will help grow and manage your presence online.